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Think about every riskimpact, crisis, threatdisaster, incident, and contingency your organization has to document.

Consider every rule, regulation, policy, procedure, process, control, standard, and requirement your organization has to follow.

Now add the time and manpower spent researching, writing, reviewing, editing, and managing all that chaos.



Your organization has years of written policies and procedures that are scattered amongst SharePoint, Confluence, and Dropbox. Some are duplicate policies, some are outdated policies, while other policies slightly differ from each other. Worse, you're too swamped to organize those piles of policies! 

Then, you have to take those scattered policies and somehow match what's been written to the applicable security controls of ISO 27001, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, SOC 2, NIST SP 800-53, FEDRAMP or any other security framework. Now, Management and Auditors are asking for this to be complete by yesterday!


What we do

Step 1

A decision needs to be made by your organization about your Central Policy Manager. Is it Confluence? Is it SharePoint? Is it Dropbox? Then tell us where all those documents are and give us access to it.

Step 2

Our team will go through all your documents and categorize duplicate, outdated, and differing policies. Then we'll identify good policies and procedures for a baseline set to work off.  

Step 3 

We will take the baselined policies and migrate them to your Central Policy Manager. Then we can start looking at policies that differ from each other and merge them into a set of good policies and procedures.


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